A (definitely) new Ceropegia from Thailand

A (definitely) new Ceropegia from Thailand

… and I don’t talk about Ceropegia thailandica.

This spectacular plant is, in my opinion, an up to now completly unknown, new species.

The stems are reddish brown and shortly hirsute throughout.

The leaves are narrowly to broad egg-shaped, dark green, with reddish brown edges, as well as with a short, also reddish brown petiole, and hirsute too.

The quite large flowers appear in a threesome at long stemed cymes. They appear a bit like a mix of the flowers of the two species Ceropegia simonea and Ceropegia spiralis. The bottom and the flower-tube are greenish yellow in colour and are heavily speckled with brown. The petals, which open to large mouths, are lemon-yellow to greenish yellow in colour. The upper parts are yellowish brown in colouration, elongated thread-like and twisted screw-like without beeing united at the end.

This plant grows obviously in grassland.


The plant was found and photographed in the Sai Thong National Park / Chaiyaphum Province / Thailand by Shuichiro Tagane.

Photo: Shuichiro Tagane; by courtesy of Shuichiro Tagane



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