A (probably new) Ceropegia species from Cambodia

A strange, and possibly new species was found and photographed in Cambodia by François Sockhom. He showed the plant on his blog at the 31. October 2010.

As far as I know no Ceropegia species was known from Cambodia up to now. But of course several species occur in the neighbouring countries, especially in Thailand.

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This plant has some similarities to Ceropegia ciliata resp. Ceropegia ensifolia (of which I don’t know the flowers), both from India. It reminds me also on the vignaldiana leaf-form of the Ceropegia bulbosa complex, but it could also be Ceropegia sootepensis.

Actually I have no idea which species this may be, so I’d like to regard it as a new one.

Here is the plant, note the very narrow leaves and the very small flowers.:

A single flower, it looks somewhat similar to the flowers of Ceropegia bulbosa, but seems to lack any cilia at the lobes.

Both photographs taken by François Sockhom; shown here by courtesy of François Sockhom