Bit by bit the first flowers open now.

The first one (it actually didn’t really stop flowering over the winter) is Ceropegia occulta, whose small flowers amazingly smell more or less exactly like wax crayons.

The second one is Ceropegia inornata, also here I do not count the flowers, that appeared during the last two or three months. Therefore this flower from today is the first one for 2011.


Ceropegia occulta

Ceropegia inornata


Website – finally updated

Website – finally updated


The last time, my website was updated was in September 2010.

It took me so long because I wanted to create a completely new layout, in which, however, I failed so far. So, the website looks the same as it did before. 😦

Anyway, I just didn’t want to wait any longer, so I just made this update today.

Ceropegia manoharii – a new species from India

Ceropegia manoharii Sujanapal, P.M.Salim, Anil Kumar & Sasidh.

Indian scientists have discovered and described a new Ceropegia species in the Western Ghats. Ceropegia manoharii, so the name of this new species, has been described obviously already in December 2010.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything about it except for a single article and copies of it – a citation from this article follows.:

Ceropegia manoharii belongs to a rare plant group evoking scientific curiosity, with its many members endemic to the Western Ghats and having unusual flowers.”



– E. M. Manoj: Floral chests of Western Ghats still hold many more surprises. The Hindu; Kalpetta, December 15, 2010
– P. Sujanapal; P. M. Salim; N. Anil Kumar, N. Sasidharan: A new species of Ceropegia (Apocynaceae: Asclepiadoideae) from India with notes on rare and threatened Ceropegia in Nilgiris of Western Ghats. Journal of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas 7(1): 341-345. 2013

EDIT: this species was officially described in the year 2013.