Ceropegia inornata

Ceropegia inornata

This is still one of my favorites, but quite much neglected by me it has stopped to grow.

It was, however, quite foreseeable, as it had used all its power to grow through the darkness of this year’s long winter … my fault, … will not happen again.


The photograph shows the flower in its actual size.


Ceropegia sandersonii

Ceropegia sandersonii

Yes, I have a Ceropegia sandersonii too, and this one was bought for a lot of money in some market garden (I’ve forgot in which one).

This is only one of the many flowers this creeper brings out – and they stink!!!


Ceropegia arnottiana – a new species from Thailand in the German trade

Ceropegia arnottiana – a new species from Thailand in the German trade

What is this?

This plant (it isn’t mine) was obtained by its owner from a German dealer, that is otherwise known for it’s large assortment of succulent plants from Kenya.

This plant, however, comes from somewhere in Thailand. It was labelled as a new species, which, in fact, can mean almost anything.

It has a tuberous rootstock caudiciform tuber and some kind of stem, as You may clearly see in the photograph. What else can be said about it? Almost nothing so far – maybe it can be identified when it is flowering.


Photo: Andreas Eulen; by courtesy of Andreas Eulen


This is now identified as Ceropegia arnottiana.

Ceropegia rendallii (I really don’t think so ….)

Ceropegia rendallii (I really don’t think so ….)

This was sold as Ceropegia rendallii ….

It looks like C. l. woodii.
It smells like C. l. woodii.

It is … at least it’s a hybrid with a lot of Ceropegia linearis ssp. woodii in it.


By the way, the nursery, where I bought this one, is well known, in the last time especially for the increasing number of plants labeled with wrong names ….