June 2011

Ceropegia papillata

It’s raining all day long, and so it is quite dark here in my dwelling, and taking pictures is more or less impossible. Anyway, open since today – the first Ceropegia papillata flower in 2011.


Imagine! The flower is so tiny, the photograph shows it larger than life!


Ceropegia linearis ssp. linearis

A cutting of this (nominate sub)species – together with several clones of the ssp. woodii – was sent to me last year by Mr. G. from the Netherlands, but most of these cuttings were in a extremely rather bad condition, including little ‘creeping aliens’ crawling up and down the stems, which again had lost most of their leaves … anyway, this is the second flower of my plant in 2011 (the first one appeared at an unphotographable place).


The plant is still planted in its rooting pot (which it formerly shared with the other (all dead now) cuttings sent to me by Mr. G.) and needs to be replanted.

Ceropegia sandersonii

Does size matter? No, not really.


These aren’t flowers of different clones or something – these two flowers were produced by one and the same plant, resp. even on the same stem – yes, and also at the same time.

Well, I cutted them away, both. But only to show them to you.

Ceropegia carnosa

The first flower for 2011, smelling exactly like a honey agaric mushroom.


Ceropegia rendallii

After all that bad news about wrong labeled plants, here is the one and only – almost ever-flowering – Ceropegia rendallii.

This is of course not the first flower in 2011, as the plant actually never stopped blooming during the winter.


And for the fans of macro photography shots, my very special own ‘extreme-sized mega macro shot’.:

Sorry, that’s all. It doesn’t get larger.

Ceropegia multiflora

A plant that really deserves its name!

What you see in the photograph is only one of the many peduncles that this plant bears – one per node.


Ceropegia rendallii (I really don’t think so ….)

Remember the wrong labeled Ceropegia (something but not) rendallii?

Shortly after the photograph was taken I decided to litter this thing, not just because it was tagged with a wrong name, but because it soon started to get yellow leaves, yellow leaves with brownish spots etc..

I think, it’s better for me not to buy anything from that nursery anymore ….

Ceropegia africana ssp. barklyi

My plant is starting its blooming season right now, and here is the third flower.