July 2011

Ceropegia sp. ‘Babati’ = Ceropegia imbricata E. A. Bruce & P. R. O. Bally

Well, I really thought I could identify this plant (nameless species from North of Babati in Tanzania) as soon as its first flower would have appeared … but I was obviously profoundly wrong.

I have actually no idea which species this could be, but I compiled a little description of my plant.


– ca. 3,5 cm in diameter, surface smooth, very light grey in colour


– ca. 0,01 cm in diameter, twining, light green in colour


– petiole ca. 0,5 cm long, lamina 2,5 long x 1,7 cm wide, succulent, heart-shaped, apex pointed, dark green, variously splotched with greyish green


– peduncel ca. 0,6 cm long, cymen few-flowered, pedicel ca. 0,3 cm long, flower ca. 1,5 cm long, base quite much swollen, scent extremely faint but like those of species from Ceropegia linearis complex



Sad News

Sad news about my last surviving Ceropegia lugardae.

Just now I found the last of my plants, shrivelled and very, very dead – sometimes this happens over night, as it actually did in this case.