Ceropegia sp. ‘Babati’ = Ceropegia imbricata E. A. Bruce & P. R. O. Bally

Well, I really thought I could identify this plant (nameless species from North of Babati in Tanzania) as soon as its first flower would have appeared … but I was obviously profoundly wrong.

I have actually no idea which species this could be, but I compiled a little description of my plant.


– ca. 3,5 cm in diameter, surface smooth, very light grey in colour


– ca. 0,01 cm in diameter, twining, light green in colour


– petiole ca. 0,5 cm long, lamina 2,5 long x 1,7 cm wide, succulent, heart-shaped, apex pointed, dark green, variously splotched with greyish green


– peduncel ca. 0,6 cm long, cymen few-flowered, pedicel ca. 0,3 cm long, flower ca. 1,5 cm long, base quite much swollen, scent extremely faint but like those of species from Ceropegia linearis complex