Ceropegia konasita

Ceropegia konasita

I got this plant two years ago labeled as Ceropegia inornata, which, indeed, turned soon out to be very wrong.

But instead of being worried about this situation, I was rather quite happy as my plant turned out to be something completely different, and strikingly rare!

Well, anyway, this is now the first flower (it took about three days before it opened completely).


I know, this photograph isn’t the best the world has ever seen – but, who cares. 😉


Botanical Garden Dresden / Saxony / Germany

Botanical Garden Dresden / Saxony / Germany

Here is another clone of Ceropegia linearis ssp. woodii, the plant itself looks quite odd, as it grows somewhat zigzaggy.

This may in fact be some kind of hybrid with a bit Ceropegia occulta in it.


Ceropegia linearis ssp. woodii

Ceropegia linearis ssp. woodii

What You can see in this photograph, are the flowers of two clones of one and the same (sub)species – Ceropegia linearis ssp. woodii.


On the left side is the clone that is most commonly found in the trade, on the right side is the clone which may have been described as ssp. debilis (there’s another clone with identical flowers but very narrow leaves, which I suspect to be what once was described as the subspecies debilis).