Nachtrag zu “Der dritte Neuzugang in 2013”

Die Ceropegia ampliata-Pflanze hat sich als stark mit Bakterien infiziert entpuppt, selbiges gilt auch für die Ceropegia albisepta-Pflanze, die Erstere habe ich eben entsorgt, die andere bekommt eine kurze Gnadenfrist.


Supplement to “The third new addition in 2013”

The Ceropegia ampliata turned out to be badly infected with bacteria, the same seems to be the case with the Ceropegia albisepta plant, the first one I have discarded just now, the other one gets a short reprieve.

EDIT: the two ‘species’ Ceropegia floribunda and Ceropegia rendallii both turned out to be Ceropegia multiflora – I have to admit now, that I’m quite disappointed, firstly because of the high prices, and then because of the bad quality of the plants, and the labelling.