What I planned for 2014

What I planned for 2014

For this year, I plan to collect not only every single dropped flower, but also every single dropped part of my plants – my plan is to get an idea of how much biomass they produce during a single year.

Oh, and I plan to prune at least all those plants that could not be pruned in 2013 because of the shitty wonderful winter weather in spring.


The ‘census’ resulted in a number of many, many flowers, for example: Ceropegia cimiciodora with 166 flowers (35 more than last year), Ceropegia rupicola with 99 flowers (4 more than last year), Ceropegia sandersonii with 98 flowers (28 less than last year), and Ceropegia robynsiana with 43 flowers.

The small ones are to much wrinkled to be properly identified.




I lost at least two plants, Ceropegia africana, which suddenly was dead from one day to the other, and Ceropegia lugardae, which died back to the roots (which seem to have disappeared completely)

EDIT: I found another one to be dead – Ceropegia arnottiana (shit!)


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