a recipe for you ‘to cook’

we need:

1 part akadama (a Japanese clay granulate)
2 parts cacti substrate from ‘Haage’
1 part caudex substrate from ‘Specks’
1 part quartz gravel – the finest we can find

and maybe some long-term fertilizer, I use ‘Axoris’, which is a long-term-fertilizer / insecticide in one





cacti subtrate


caudex substrate


quartz gravel




fertige erde

… and finally, after 15 minutes/700 watt in the microwave – the perfect soil for our Ceropegia plants.😛


For such species that like a somewhat more contentful soil (for example Ceropegia nilotica, Ceropegia sandersonii or Ceropegia sankuruensis), you can add one part of ‘Kokohum’, a substrate made of coconut fibers.

For the Canarian species (Ceropegia dichotoma agg., and Ceropegia fusca) you can add a handful of small lava rocks.