Which are the next relatives of the two isolated Canary Islands Ceropegia species?

According to a new scientific paper (see below), which also contains some new phylogenetic trees, the next relatives of Ceropegia dichotoma and Ceropegia fusca from the Canary Islands are three species from Asia, resp. Australia, namely Ceropegia cumingiana, Ceropegia intermedia and Ceropegia pubescens.

According to the paper, the Canary Islands were colonised by the genus Ceropegia only once.


The phylogenetic trees furthermore show – again – that the genus Ceropegia as such does not exist, but is either a much larger genus, including all of the Brachystelma species and some of the stapeliad species (or perhaps even all of them), or it must be split into several smaller genera (that is what I would prefer), with the name Ceropegia remaining for Ceropegia candelabrum (the species that was first described under that genus name) and its relatives.


… by the way: the paper is naming my website as a source for pictures. 😛



– Ambroise Valentin: Phylogenetic position of Ceropegia dichotoma and Ceropegia fusca and their biogeographical origin. Uppsala Universitet 2014