Ceropegia x rothii Gürke

As far as I know, this is the first true artifical hybrid in the genus Ceropegia, that means it was made by hand pollinating, which is very complicated.

The pollen of Ceropegia radicans Schltr. was used to successfully pollinate Ceropegia sandersonii Decne. ex Hook. f., the offspring was named Ceropegia x rothii, a hybrid that is still very commonly cultivated. [2]



[1] M. Gürke: Ceropegia sandersoni Hook. x radicans Schlecht. (C. rothii Gürke n. hybr.). Monatszeitschrift für Kakteenkunde 21(1): 8-9. 1911
[2] P. Roth: Ueber Ceropegien. Die Gartenwelt 15(25): 337-339. 1911




The plant in front is C. radicans, the two plants behind are C. x rothii.

Photo from: ‘P. Roth: Ueber Ceropegien. Die Gartenwelt 15(25): 337-339. 1911’





A plant in cultivation which most probably represents this hybrid.

Photo: Cok Grootscholten; by courtesy of Cok und Ine Grootscholten

Copyright Grootscholten Succulenta nursery, Honselersdijk, The Netherlands