Unresolved, invalid or simply misspelled names – part 2

Sometimes, strange names appear in the offers of nurseries, like these two examples.:

Ceropegia suprafoliata author? – this appears to be a very bad misspelling of Ceropegia superba D. V. Field & Collen., since I found that respective species in the list of a South African nursery named under that strange name.

This name is now found in the listings of other nurseries too, I don’t know why.


Ceropegia tanzamalawlense author? – I found this name in the list of an well-known nursery, I have no idee at all where it may originate from, maybe from the geographical origin of the plant, which in fact is existing, since it was included in the nursery’s offer, but which of course must be a distinct species.

Btw: I checked different spellings of the last one, including tanzamalawiense, tanzmalawense etc. but found out nothing at all.