A new locality for Ceropegia oculata?

These photos were taken by  N.S. Dungriyal, the field director of the Satpura Tiger Reserve, they show a plant that I would identify as Ceropegia oculata Hook..

The flowers are quite similar to nearly identical to a special form of the species, that had been described in 2005 as a distinct variety: Ceropegia oculata var. satpudensis Punekar, S. D. Jagtap & Deokule, this has now been reduced to synonymy with the nominate race.

If my identification turns out to be correct, then this find would probably represent a new locality for this species, since it obviously is known only from Maharashtra so far – as far as I know.




Photos: N.S. Dungriyal; by courtesy of N.S. Dungriyal