Ceropegia sp. ‘Mavhuradonha Area’

This plant was found in the Mavhuradonha Area in Zimbabwe.

It is a small, obviously non-climbing plant, in growth very much resembling several Brachystelma species.

The whole plant is hirsute, the leaves are slightly heart-shaped and darker on their upper surface than underneath.

The flowers resemble those of some special, odd-flowering forms found in the complex containing Ceropegia affinis Vatke, Ceropegia carnosa E. Mey., and Ceropegia racemosa N. E. Br.. This complex is in need of a revision, since these taxa can be regarded to as a single, quite variable species or as several distinct ones.

Whatsoever, this new taxon, in my opinion, is clearly a member of that complex.



Photo: Bart Wursten; by courtesy of Bart Wursten