Botanical drawings – Ceropegia oculata

Botanical drawings – Ceropegia oculata



Ceropegia oculata Hook.

Depiction from: ‘Curtis’s Botanical Magazine 70. 1844’


Botanical Garden Jena / Thuringia / Germany

Botanical Garden Jena / Thuringia / Germany

There appear to be only two species present in that garden, Ceropegia cimiciodora, a very large specimen that grows more or less freely within the surrounding Vegetation (it has already reached a height of about 2 m so far and still grows on).:


The second one is the usual Ceropegia linearis ssp. woodii, however, in this case it is at least a plant of the ‘debilis‘ form (it seems to be there unintended as it is not labelled at all).:


I couldn’t resist …

I couldn’t resist …

… and got me a Ceropegia africana, and just another clone of Ceropegia nilotica, that aroused my interest, because I found a dropped flower that was somewhat strangely coloured.



Ceropegia africana is a very easy species, and one of my absolute favorites, yet it will always die back and I have never managed to get cuttings soon enough, very bad!   😦