Unwrapping …

Unwrapping …

… a packet full of plants I ordered at “mbuyu”.

Let’s start.:


here we have the packet …


a lot of newspapers inside …


Well, well, Ceropegia galeata (!!!) yeah! yeah! yeah!, oh, and two small Cerpegia inornata, to reach the minimum order value.


It appears as if finger crossing was a good idea.   😛


2 thoughts on “Unwrapping …

  1. Galeata, very special looking plant. I thought Paul Shirley in the netherlands was he only one that had this plant. You must be very happy ! Christmas comes early this year..

  2. I have no idea, but I think the ‘mbuyu guy’ is the one who imports plants from Kenya into cultivation. 🙂

    I will be happy when this plant starts to grow, so I can see that it is okay so far.

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