Paul Shirley

Paul Shirley

Well, I couldn’t resist when I saw that there’s a Ceropegia linearis ssp. woodii ex Durban/RSA … and so I bought seven plants (… six different ones …) altogether.

So, here’s the quite large box ….

A close look into the box ….

Oh yeah! The cuttings.

What do we have here?

Ceropegia denticulata
Ceropegia grandis – of course a form of Ceropegia nilotica
Ceropegia nilotica Madagascarensis – Ceropegia nilotica, but there’s no Ceropegia nilotica in Madagascar …   😉
Ceropegia occulta x woodii – well well, looks very like Ceropegia linearis, we will see …
Ceropegia sp. Jan Wilkens – apparently another Ceropegia nilotica, but let’s wait for the flower
Ceropegia woodii DSC 079 Coe W. Durban – wonderful, what beautiful leaves!

So, I hope they all will root, but usually the cuttings from Mr. Shirley do so very well, and as always, I can only recommend his service!   😛

2 thoughts on “Paul Shirley

  1. Hello Alexander?

    Some additions to the C. woodii you got from Paul.
    Ceropegia woodii DSC 079 Cole, West of Durban
    This beautiful clone was collected by Desmont Cole (better known related to Lithops)

    Greetings, Robert in the Netherlands

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