Ceropegia murlensis Ram. Kumar & S. Sharma – neue Art / new species

Ceropegia murlensisRam. Kumar & S. Sharma

Diese Art wurde 2018 beschrieben, sie stammt aus dem indischen Bundesstaat Mizoram.

Die Art erinnert sehr an Ceropegia vincaefolia Hook., unterscheidet sich aber anhand ihrer schmaleren Blätter.


Ceropegia murlensis Ram. Kumar & S. Sharma

This species was described in 2018, it comes from the Indian state of Mizoram.

The species resembles Ceropegia vincaefolia Hook., but differs from that species mainly by ist narrower leaves.



– Ramesh Kumar; Sachin Sharma; Mayank D. Dwivedi: Ceropegia mizoramensis and C. murlensis (Asclepiadaceae) – Two new species from Northeast India with Phylogenetic and morphological evidence support. Taiwania 63(2): 163-170. 2018

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