My recent purchases


I actually hate eBay, very, very much!!!

But sometimes even I find something interesting, and in some cases even manage to get it, so these two new additions, both from Hungary.

the packets, the one on the right side is very small   🙂

what’s inside, Hungarian newspapers   🙂

and finally, the tubers, Ceropegia papillata on the right siede and Ceropegia purpurascens on the left side


I forgot to …

… take photos from the unboxing, but here is the plant, however.:

It’s a Ceropegia linearis ssp. woodii of course, but it is one with a known locality; it comes from Soutpansberg in South Africa.

I may already own the smae clone, but … one can never have to many Ceropegias.

Unboxing …

This time I ordered plants from the Röhner-Versand, for the first time.

Here we go.:

the packet … quite big

lots of styrofoam flakes and a leaf looking out … in fact I’m very happy with these flakes, cause I really need them for draining the plant pots   🙂

the plants, each wrapped in paper and wrapped up again in a paper bag, fine …   🙂

here they are: Ceropegia ballyana (my very first one), Ceropegia radicans, and Ceropegia variegata, the plants are very healthy and quite large, this is indeed a good bargain

What a fine day!   😛

And another one …

You can never have too many Ceropegias, this Ceropegia sandersonii is slightly different from my three other plants, so I just could not resist ….   😉



I couldn’t resist …

… and got me a Ceropegia africana, and just another clone of Ceropegia nilotica, that aroused my interest, because I found a dropped flower that was somewhat strangely coloured.



Ceropegia africana is a very easy species, and one of my absolute favorites, yet it will always die back and I have never managed to get cuttings soon enough, very bad!   😦

Unwrapping …

… a packet full of plants I ordered at “mbuyu”.

Let’s start.:


here we have the packet …


a lot of newspapers inside …


Well, well, Ceropegia galeata (!!!) yeah! yeah! yeah!, oh, and two small Cerpegia inornata, to reach the minimum order value.


It appears as if finger crossing was a good idea.   😛

Today …

… was a good day – I found a strinking clone of Ceropegia sandersonii; very large, yellowish flowers with brown markings on the tube.



Unwrapping …

… a packet got via ebay, it is supposed to contain a Ceropegia linearis from Malawi (the actual species doesn’t occur there, nor does any of its subspecies …), the picture accompanying the offer showed a Ceropegia linearis ssp. woodii (of the debilis form).

So let’s see what we got there.:


a very small packet …


something from inside … 🙂


Oh see, its neither Ceropegia linearis, nor the plant from the photograph, its just another Ceropegia linearis ssp. woodii clone, but it seems to be one without marbled leaves, that would be nice, let’s see ….

The last new plants for 2015 …

… are three cuttings of Ceropegia aristolochioides from Isiolo / Kenya and seven rooted cuttings of what I hope will be Ceropegia aristolochioides ssp. deflersiana.

The next new addition in 2015

In a flower shop in Gotha, where I visited my parents, I came across a very odd Ceropegia woodii, one with very strangely shaped, more or less completely grey leaves.

Again a quite expensive plant, but, who cares ….


My camera has so fucked up, so no photos yet – sorry.

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