It doesn’t happen very often, but it happens – I have no idea what species this is, anyway, here it is, from Tanzania, Ceropegia sp..

already out of the box …

look how small this thing is, I mean, look how small ….   😛


EDIT: This might in fact be Ceropegia cataphyllaris Bullock or something closely related.


edited: 12.06.2018

Paul Shirley

Paul Shirley

Well, I couldn’t resist when I saw that there’s a Ceropegia linearis ssp. woodii ex Durban/RSA … and so I bought seven plants (… six different ones …) altogether.

So, here’s the quite large box ….

A close look into the box ….

Oh yeah! The cuttings.

What do we have here?

Ceropegia denticulata
Ceropegia grandis – of course a form of Ceropegia nilotica
Ceropegia nilotica Madagascarensis – Ceropegia nilotica, but there’s no Ceropegia nilotica in Madagascar …   😉
Ceropegia occulta x woodii – well well, looks very like Ceropegia linearis, we will see …
Ceropegia sp. Jan Wilkens – apparently another Ceropegia nilotica, but let’s wait for the flower
Ceropegia woodii DSC 079 Coe W. Durban – wonderful, what beautiful leaves!

So, I hope they all will root, but usually the cuttings from Mr. Shirley do so very well, and as always, I can only recommend his service!   😛



I actually hate eBay, very, very much!!!

But sometimes even I find something interesting, and in some cases even manage to get it, so these two new additions, both from Hungary.

the packets, the one on the right side is very small   🙂

what’s inside, Hungarian newspapers   🙂

and finally, the tubers, Ceropegia papillata on the right siede and Ceropegia purpurascens on the left side

Unboxing …

Unboxing …

This time I ordered plants from the Röhner-Versand, for the first time.

Here we go.:

the packet … quite big

lots of styrofoam flakes and a leaf looking out … in fact I’m very happy with these flakes, cause I really need them for draining the plant pots   🙂

the plants, each wrapped in paper and wrapped up again in a paper bag, fine …   🙂

here they are: Ceropegia ballyana (my very first one), Ceropegia radicans, and Ceropegia variegata, the plants are very healthy and quite large, this is indeed a good bargain

What a fine day!   😛

I couldn’t resist …

I couldn’t resist …

… and got me a Ceropegia africana, and just another clone of Ceropegia nilotica, that aroused my interest, because I found a dropped flower that was somewhat strangely coloured.



Ceropegia africana is a very easy species, and one of my absolute favorites, yet it will always die back and I have never managed to get cuttings soon enough, very bad!   😦

Unwrapping …

Unwrapping …

… a packet got via ebay, it is supposed to contain a Ceropegia linearis from Malawi (the actual species doesn’t occur there, nor does any of its subspecies …), the picture accompanying the offer showed a Ceropegia linearis ssp. woodii (of the debilis form).

So let’s see what we got there.:


a very small packet …


something from inside … 🙂


Oh see, its neither Ceropegia linearis, nor the plant from the photograph, its just another Ceropegia linearis ssp. woodii clone, but it seems to be one without marbled leaves, that would be nice, let’s see ….