Ceropegia sp. ‘Satpura Tiger Reserve’

Ceropegia sp. ‘Satpura Tiger Reserve’

These plants were photographed in the Satpura Tiger Reserve in the Hoshangabad District of Madhya Pradesh / India, it bears some similarities to Ceropegia angustifolia Wight or Ceropegia hirsuta Wight & Arnott, yet appears to be distinct from both of them.

There appears to be a climbing form (last photo) and a non-climbing form (first two photos).





Photos: N.S. Dungriyal; by courtesy of N.S. Dungriyal

Ceropegia sp. ‘Nimba Mountains’

Ceropegia sp. ‘Nimba Mountains’

This plant was photographed in 2012 on the Nimba Mountains (lowland area to NE, near Gbakoré, adjacent to Cavally River) in Guinea.

This may be a member of the species group around Ceropegia campanulata G. Don, however, its flower does not resemble any of the Ceropegia flowers known to me.


The upright-growing grassland species are not well known and are in need of a revision.




Photos: Peter B. Phillipson

(under creative commons licence (3.0))

Unresolved, invalid or simply misspelled names – part 2

Unresolved, invalid or simply misspelled names – part 2

Sometimes, strange names appear in the offers of nurseries, like these two examples.:

Ceropegia suprafoliata author? – this appears to be a very bad misspelling of Ceropegia superba D. V. Field & Collen., since I found that respective species in the list of a South African nursery named under that strange name.

This name is now found in the listings of other nurseries too, I don’t know why.


Ceropegia tanzamalawlense author? – I found this name in the list of an well-known nursery, I have no idee at all where it may originate from, maybe from the geographical origin of the plant, which in fact is existing, since it was included in the nursery’s offer, but which of course must be a distinct species.

Btw: I checked different spellings of the last one, including tanzamalawiense, tanzmalawense etc. but found out nothing at all.

Unresolved, invalid or simply misspelled names – part 1

Unresolved, invalid or simply misspelled names – part 1

There are some scientific names, sometimes appearing in listings etc., which seem to lead to nowhere, in some cases these can be assigned to plants which were obviously described by someone under these respective names.

Two examples are given here.:

Ceropegia bemarahaica M. G. Gilbert – described from the Tsingy de Bemaraha Strict Nature Reserve in the Antsalova District / Melaky Region in the east of Madagascar.

Ceropegia brachyantha M. G. Gilbert – described (by the same author) from the Manongarivo Massif in the Ambanja District / Diana Region in the north of Madagascar.

Both names are unresolved, no one seems to know anything about these two enigmatic ‘species’.

Ceropegia zeyheri – or rather not?

Ceropegia zeyheri – or rather not?

This is a  plant, commonly sold as Ceropegia zeyheri, not only in Germany but also all over Europe – but it isn’t C. zeyheri!


The leaves are much too large and actually not scale-like as they should be.

I made a dissection through one of the faded flowers of my plant and exposed its gynostegial corona to compare it to the material known to me (in fact just some drawings). They are indeed very distinct and do not resemble each other, the gynostegium is more like that of C. distincta and its allies, but in no way identical to that of the real C. zeyheri.

The shape of the flower is quite distinct from that of the true C. zeyheri – yet, it does not really match that of any other species known to me, the exterior is completey covered with fine hair, a feature, that is found very rarely in that way, for example in C. somalensis.

The inner surface of the lower third of the corolla is dark purple coloured, while in C. zeyheri the basal inflation of the flower has longitudinal, darkened lines on the inner surface.


This plant may actually be a hybrid of C. zeyheri with perhaps C. distincta or even with C. somalensis!



All photographs: Alexander Lang