Alexander Lang
Oststr. 36
99086 Erfurt


3 thoughts on “Impressum

  1. Hi where is possible to buy ceropegia species, there are nursery in europe to sell these species?thanks best regards mau

  2. Hello!

    There is no nursery specialized in Ceropegia, but You find some in nurseries, that sell succulent plants.

    Try these for example:

    Flores Reinecke

    You may find interesting plants at ebay from time to time.

    And, of course, there are many nurseries for succulent plants outside Europe, many of them ship to Europe as well.

    However, You have to search again and again, and it may take a lot of time until You have a larger collection

    I hope this helps a bit.


  3. Hi thanks for your news…and if you know other colllctor that sell cuttings inform me thanks best regards mau

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