Blog Reboot 2018/2019

Hi there!

After some months spent with much, much thinking, I have come to the conclusion to reboot the whole blog following the revised concept of the genus Ceropegia by P. V. Bruyns, C. Klak, and P. Hanáček from 2017.

(P. V. Bruyns; C. Klak; P. Hanáček: A revised, phylogenetically-based concept of Ceropegia (Apocynaceae). South African Journal of Botany 112: 399-436. 2017)

That is f***ing much work to do, so please be patient for all that will take a lot of time!


The blog will from now on contain all species that formerly were regarded to as Brachystelma and Ceropegia, but not the highly succulent species which are otherwise known as Ascleps.

Thank You!   🙂


edited: 06.11.2018