Botanical drawings – Ceropegia barkleyi

Botanical drawings – Ceropegia barkleyi



Ceropegia barkleyi Hook. f. = Ceropegia africana R. Br. (ssp. barklyi Hook. f.)

Depiction from: ‘Curtis’s Botanical Magazine 103. 1877’

… it’s all africana after all

… it’s all africana after all

Here we have three clones of Ceropegia africana, from left to right: Ceropegia africana ssp. barklyi (I have forgotten from where), a climbing form with rather broad leaves and very typical ssp. barklyi flowers; Ceropegia africana ssp. barklyi (allegedly from Queenstown / RSA), a climbing form with very succulent leaves and flowers rather like those of the nominate form; Ceropegia africana (from where?, also sold as ssp. barklyi) a very succulent, stoloniferous form.


In my opinion the differences between the alleged subspecies are very, very vaguely, so for me it’s all africana after all. 😉