I couldn’t resist …

I couldn’t resist …

… and got me a Ceropegia africana, and just another clone of Ceropegia nilotica, that aroused my interest, because I found a dropped flower that was somewhat strangely coloured.



Ceropegia africana is a very easy species, and one of my absolute favorites, yet it will always die back and I have never managed to get cuttings soon enough, very bad!   😦

… it’s all africana after all

… it’s all africana after all

Here we have three clones of Ceropegia africana, from left to right: Ceropegia africana ssp. barklyi (I have forgotten from where), a climbing form with rather broad leaves and very typical ssp. barklyi flowers; Ceropegia africana ssp. barklyi (allegedly from Queenstown / RSA), a climbing form with very succulent leaves and flowers rather like those of the nominate form; Ceropegia africana (from where?, also sold as ssp. barklyi) a very succulent, stoloniferous form.


In my opinion the differences between the alleged subspecies are very, very vaguely, so for me it’s all africana after all. 😉

The third new addition in 2014

The third new addition in 2014

… found during the ‘Kakteen- und Sukkulentenbörse’ on the GRUGA in Essen / NRW / Germany: Ceropegia africana ssp. barklyii – a special clone with flowers like the nominate race, Ceropegia crassifolia – a small plant, Ceropegia inornata – a new one, as my plant died last year, Ceropegia nilotica – a large-leaved clone from South Africa, and finally Ceropegia rendallii – the real one! 😛

the old picture – Ceropegia africana

the old picture – Ceropegia africana



Ceropegia africana R. Br.

Depiction from: ‘C. Loddiges and Sons: The Botanical Cabinet: consisting of coloured delineations of plants, from all countries, with a short account of each, directions for management &c. &c.. Vol. 10. London: John & Arthur Arch, Cornhill; John Hatchard, Picadilly; C. Loddiges & Sons, Hackney; and G. Cooke, 6 Goswell Street Road 1824’


The first new addition in 2013

The first new addition in 2013

The first new plant is a Ceropegia africana, bought as Ceropegia linearis in ‘that’ nursery … (You know which one).

No, no photographs yet, since I have no batteries in my camera.

However, they sell some species of the genus right now, but the naming is just inexplicable, at least to me.

Ceropegia africana is sold as Ceropegia aristolochioides (!!!), Ceropegia barkleyi, and Ceropegia linearis (the plants are placed all on the same table, the first two even immediately next to each other).

Ceropegia aff. rupicola – I was very curious what this may be … it is some of these Ceropegia sandersonii whatsoever hybrids (and actually has no aff. at all with Ceropegia rupicola). I suspect that it may well be the same as the one I bought in February 2011.

… and can You remember the Ceropegia (something but not) rendallii? Believe it or not, exactly the same plants are now sold as Ceropegia distincta.