Photo of the week – Ceropegia occulta

Photo of the week – Ceropegia occulta


Photo: Alexander Lang


Landscaping with Ceropegia occulta

Landscaping with Ceropegia occulta

In the wild, Ceropegia occulata grows amongst so called Witteberg quartzite, which led to the plant being named locally as the “rock-hugging Ceropegia”.

I do not have an idea what exactly Witteberg quartzite are, but they obviously look quite like the stones that I have found around someone’s house.



Here is the supposed ‘landscape’, and one of the Ceropegia occulta next to it.



Here is the final ‘landscape’, well it’s just a planted pot with three stones after all ….   



The tubers and some cuttings, just stuck into the soil, I hope they will root.



These little wire clamps help to keep everything in place.



Bit by bit the first flowers open now.

The first one (it actually didn’t really stop flowering over the winter) is Ceropegia occulta, whose small flowers amazingly smell more or less exactly like wax crayons.

The second one is Ceropegia inornata, also here I do not count the flowers, that appeared during the last two or three months. Therefore this flower from today is the first one for 2011.


Ceropegia occulta

Ceropegia inornata