Paul Shirley

Paul Shirley

Well, I couldn’t resist when I saw that there’s a Ceropegia linearis ssp. woodii ex Durban/RSA … and so I bought seven plants (… six different ones …) altogether.

So, here’s the quite large box ….

A close look into the box ….

Oh yeah! The cuttings.

What do we have here?

Ceropegia denticulata
Ceropegia grandis – of course a form of Ceropegia nilotica
Ceropegia nilotica Madagascarensis – Ceropegia nilotica, but there’s no Ceropegia nilotica in Madagascar …   😉
Ceropegia occulta x woodii – well well, looks very like Ceropegia linearis, we will see …
Ceropegia sp. Jan Wilkens – apparently another Ceropegia nilotica, but let’s wait for the flower
Ceropegia woodii DSC 079 Coe W. Durban – wonderful, what beautiful leaves!

So, I hope they all will root, but usually the cuttings from Mr. Shirley do so very well, and as always, I can only recommend his service!   😛