Botanical drawings – Ceropegia variegata

Botanical drawings – Ceropegia variegata


Ceropegia variegata (Forssk.) Decne.

Collection of botanical drawings by Georg Schweinfurth. Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem

(under creative commons license (3.0))


Unboxing …

Unboxing …

This time I ordered plants from the Röhner-Versand, for the first time.

Here we go.:

the packet … quite big

lots of styrofoam flakes and a leaf looking out … in fact I’m very happy with these flakes, cause I really need them for draining the plant pots   🙂

the plants, each wrapped in paper and wrapped up again in a paper bag, fine …   🙂

here they are: Ceropegia ballyana (my very first one), Ceropegia radicans, and Ceropegia variegata, the plants are very healthy and quite large, this is indeed a good bargain

What a fine day!   😛